Meet Our Team of Visionary Scientists: Pioneering Advanced Therapies for Patients in Need

We are immensely proud to introduce you to our exceptional team of scientists and engineers, whose relentless pursuit of excellence is driving the development of acoustic-based bioreactors to advance the field of cell and gene therapy.

Amélie Quilichini - Cofounder & Chief Executive Office (CEO)

Bringing disruptive technologies where least expected has been the common theme of Amélie Quilichini’s career. Trained as an engineer with MSc and MEng from Imperial College London and CentraleSupélec, she started her career as a deeptech strategy consultant at PwC and eleven strategy. Driven by impact, Amélie chose to take a leap of faith towards entrepreneurship in 2020 and further launched Kolibri with Gabriel Dumy.

Dr. Gabriel Dumy - Cofounder & Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Dr. Gabriel Dumy possesses rare expertise in the intricate physics of acoustic cell manipulation techniques, a field mastered by only a select few worldwide. Holding a Ph.D. in acoustophoresis, he boasts over ten years of hands-on experience in developing acoustic devices tailored for biological applications across both laboratory and industrial environments. Additionally, Gabriel demonstrates remarkable aptitude in leading technical teams, showcasing his exceptional capacity for management.

Tamsin Lacourte - Chief of Staff

With a MSc in cancer biology from the prestigious UCL and having demonstrated expertise in a biotech venture at the forefront of immunotherapy, Tamsin Lacourte is responsible for overseeing our day-to-day operations, coordinating key initiatives, and facilitating communication between departments. Her strategic vision and unparalleled organizational skills ensure that our team remains focused, motivated, and aligned with our long-term goals.

Dr. Florian Dittmann - Physics Engineer Dr Florian Dittmann is an engineer trained in both chemical and mechanical engineering, with a Ph.D. in optimizing processes and energy systems striving for efficient conversion. With a background in computational fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and hardware development, Florian now applies his diverse skill set at Kolibri, and supports the team with software development, instrumental to the development of our novel acoustic-based bioprocesses.

Mathilde Maestrali - Senior Cell Culture Engineer As our Senior Cell Culture Engineer, Dr. Mathilde Maestrali brings a wealth of expertise in mammalian cell bioproduction to our team of engineers. With a meticulous attention to detail and a passion for gene therapies, Mathilde enriches the team with her proficiency in cell culture and pioneering innovative processes.

Dr. Siriny Laumier - Electrical Engineer With a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Electronics from the University of Liverpool, Dr. Siriny Laumier specializes in semiconductor nanoparticles, focusing particularly on the advancement of photo and biosensing technologies. Her expertise extends to the manipulation of nanoparticle solutions through dielectrophoresis, as well as the development of nanowires biofunctionalization methods for saliva-based COVID-19 detection. Armed with curiosity and pursuit of scientific excellence, Siriny, through her expertise in electrical engineering supports the team in developing our next-generation bioprocesses.

Marin Virey - Mechanical Engineer A graduate of both the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology and Arts et Métiers, Marin Virey's expertise spans the spectrum of mechanical engineering, from conceptual design to prototyping. His dedication and collaborative spirit has played and keep playing a pivotal role in bringing our ideas to life. Through designing prototypes to optimizing existing systems, his contribution is essential to the success of our mission to deliver advanced therapies to those in need.

Noémie Cavanna - Senior Biotechnician

Noémie Cavanna, equipped with a degree in cellular biology and biology analysis, boasts a robust academic foundation coupled with extensive hands-on experience in diverse biological techniques. Her skill set encompasses proficiency in cell culture across different scales, alongside expertise in characterization and bioprocessing methodologies.