Kolibri Secures €2.8 Million Seed Round to Revolutionize Biomanufacturing

Kolibri has marked another significant milestone in its journey towards transforming the field of gene and cell therapy manufacturing. Following its successful $300,000 initial round with Entrepreneur First and SOSV in 2021, Kolibri is thrilled to announce the closing of a €2.8 million seed round early 2023. This funding round was led by esteemed deeptech investors including Creative Ventures, SOSV, Joyance Partners, Fondation CentraleSupélec as well as BPI France.

"Securing this seed round is a testament to the confidence and support of our investors in Kolibri's vision and capabilities," remarked Founder Amélie Quilichini at Kolibri. "With this additional funding, we are well-positioned to further develop and commercialize our innovative platform, bringing us closer to our goal of revolutionizing gene and cell therapy manufacturing."

Kolibri's groundbreaking technology has already attracted attention within the biotechnology industry for its potential to overcome scalability and cost limitations inherent in current manufacturing processes. The seed round funding will enable Kolibri to accelerate its growth trajectory and solidify its position as a leader in biotechnology innovation.

As Kolibri continues to push the boundaries of biotechnology, the company remains committed to its mission of delivering transformative therapies to patients in need. With the support of its investors and the dedication of its talented team, Kolibri is poised to make a lasting impact on the future of healthcare.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact [Tamsin Lacourte] at [tamsin@kolibrilab.com].

About Kolibri: Kolibri is a biotechnology company focused on developing acoustic-controlled bioreactors for mammalian cell applications, with a specific focus on gene and cell therapy manufacturing. Our innovative technology offers scalable, predictable, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions, enabling broader access to advanced therapies.