Playing music to cells

Kolibri plays music to cells to unlock the cell culture revolution.

Advanced therapies and cultivated meat, whilst extremely promising, are facing the same bottleneck: large-scale cell culture and engineering.

Current bioproduction techniques are indeed limited both in terms of scalability and efficiency, leading to high production costs and limited yield.
Rise of genetherapy
The success of biological drugs in the treatment of major chronic diseases has catapulted acceptance of innovative therapies, including gene therapies.
But large scale manufacturing  of their key component, viral vector, is significantly expensive and face major scalability and quality bottlenecks

Our solution

We are rethinking the way we grow mammalian cells using acoustic waves

We create the next-generation of bioreactors specifically designed to handle mammalian cells.

Leveraging acoustic waves, our technology allows for increased yield while reducing production costs.

We are starting with AAV gene therapy manufacturing and will soon transfer our platform to manufacturing other cell-based therapies.
Competitive cost

Negligible costly transfection reagents and media consumption
Increased yield thanks to high cell density and purification efficiency
More therapeutic vectors in viral vector doses
Personalized calibrations are made to calculate an optimal hydration range
Users are notified before their hydration levels move above or below that range
Keepinig users In The Blue
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